Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Scarlett O'Hara Dream Part 3: Coming face to face with a dream

See more of Zsazsa's amazing art at  You will not regret it!
Among the photos of Scarlett in Gone with the Wind, nothing reflects her at her most beautiful as the one above. That's just my opinion. Over and beyond the beauty of this still, it is what it stands for -- hope! And this time it's Scarlett's hope in the right direction. She is out of the dark. She finds her light. She finds her love and she is determined to use again all her Scarlett strength amassed over the years to find "someway to get him back." 

It is also about my hope -- and a dream to finally have a Noel Cruz Scarlett O' Hara doll of my own. You only live once -- shoot for the best.  And so now, as I type this, the dream has been realized.  The work of art now stands in a box on my desk.

"Every stroke  -- and I mean EVERY stroke of his brush on this doll is precise -- 
nothing about it is carelessly done, nothing about it is without thought."

I am supposed to write something about having a Noel Cruz Scarlett but i don't think I can find the words to describe it.  Call me insane or not having a life (which is what I see most people smile about when I talk about dolls), but this is my unique joy.
Since I cannot express how it feels. I might as well tell you about how a masterpiece looks like in person.
First, one can see that a Noel Cruz doll by its beauty and craftsmanship reflects the artist's eye for precision, balance, polish (when I say this, I mean how clean it looks -- very, very professional).  You are not made aware of the strokes, it seems Noel became smaller and painted at the scale of the doll. Everything you see in his photographs are what you get -- and by the work rendered on it, you know it is a work of art.  Noel employs seasoned skill that combines mastery of stroke, choice of color and symmetry. Every stroke  -- and I mean every stroke of his brush on this doll is precise -- nothing about it is carelessly done, nothing about it is without thought.  When you receive it, you will know immediately why they sell for the price they do in ebay.  I am reminded of the Mastercard advertising: "There are some things money can't buy, for everything else there's Mastercard". The experience is priceless. The thought of it is priceless.

Upon opening the box you see how well packed the doll is. Hair wrapped well to avoid a mess, a Certification of Authenticity of the art created, instructions on how to take care of the doll. and a beautiful amazing work of art to behold for the rest of your life!

I was probably thinking of moments like this when I named this blog: A Scarlett Reverie. Well, dreams can come true. A reverie can become real. Tomorrow has finally arrived.

So now here are the photographs I personally took using Noel Cruz's Scarlett O' Hara and Beth Wilder's Fence Dress. My camera is not able to capture the beauty of this doll well -- not as good as Noel's but I did enjoy working on this immensely. I hope you will come to like them too.

The tree here is traced from the actual tree in the film. I added the sky, the fence and the grass. 
I found a nice satin/silk type of material and it reflected light very well. 

This a different version with a red sky -- too red I think...hmmm...

For more of Noel Cruz's art please visit his site at


  1. Hello from Spain: Congratulations to fulfill your dream. Noel Cruz Scarlett O 'Hara doll is a work of art. Thanks for reporting the page Claus. I will visit their creations. His dolls inspired by celebrities are always wonderful.This piece is wonderful. I can not stop looking at Sacrlett. She has a look that conveys peace and tranquility. Beautiful! Keep in touch.

  2. Hello Marta,
    Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for your comments. And he did create a more than wonderful, more than I expected, beyond words. It is a dream and I still get really excited everytime I look at the doll. Thank you for passing by Marta! Have a good day!

  3. I rejoice with you! Mercy! How can you stand to have such perfection?? :)


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