Thursday, June 7, 2012

Repainting...retouching: "Viv"

I had been planning to repaint this old doll made into Vivien Leigh.  Or perhaps the proper term is "retouching".  When you look at old work,  you see a lot of things you could have done with a little more patience.  Trust me I'll probably look back at this repaint and probably retouch it again. An attempt at a much more detailed eyes, eyebrows, blushing and eyelashes, hair too has been re-curled, trimmed and fixed (or should I say sculpted).

 I have attached a before and after -- only it seems like an "after" and an "after-after" lol. 


  1. True artist - never satisfied! Of course, you know I love your work! :)

  2. Really Aunt Lou? Why Thank you!!! I'm just learning along the way. Patience is truly a virtue. And it really feels like "i just have to get it really looking real." Hope you have nice weekend there. It's beginning to rain here and its cooling up the heat. Gives me more time to stay home and see what else to fix. = ) Thanks again!!

  3. Hello from Spain: I like to retouch before and after because she is always wonderful. Perhaps the last picture is brighter eyes. she is a wonderful doll ever. Keep in touch.

  4. Ola Marta! Thank you for your comment. It always helps to look back at old works and see how much progress one makes or if there is a new way of doing things. It puts the fun in out little hobby. Have a nice weekend Marta and thank you again for your comment. = )


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