Monday, June 25, 2012

The Real Finale: Noel Cruz's Scarlett O'Hara/Beth Wilder's OOAK Fence Dress

Noel Cruz recreates the edited out scene from GWTW with a repainted Tonner doll.
Dress by Beth Wilder of Louisville, KY

More photos coming soon!


  1. ...gracious indeed!!!! Noel Cruz has a divine gift! When you look up close it seems he gres as small as the doll and painted it at that size. = ) Absolutely amazing.

  2. Hello from Spain: Noel does a great job. Thank you for mostar this photo. . Keep in touch

    1. Yes Marta, the Noel Cruz Scarlett is one of the highest points of ones existence -- actually for me. Thank you for your comment and watch for the 3 part post.


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