Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Amazing Scarlett O' Hara Collection of Lea Di

I have not met her.  I came across Lea Di's Collection of Scarletts while surfing for GWTW doll collectors in the internet. Her photos are found here ( I have placed a direct link so you can easily find the site, because there's more. The Russian site contains larger photos of Lea Di's collection. Here you will see her amazing improvisations or adjustments in the the dolls dress, accessories and even hairstyles. She has gone through the process of showing the detail of her every doll -- which I wish doll manufacturers should do. After all we are paying a hefty sum for each doll. $200 plus can actually afford you a nice sofa, right? It pays that you are given a look at the details. 

Scroll down and you will see details of the doll like those you have never seen. There are some adjustments too which you will notice if you own some of them -- you will see an added hat here, a purse there and even a new pair of shoes. 
Well, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Congratulations Lea Di on your collection. 

 I actually liked the repaint on the Christmas 1863 Scarlett doll and it looks like the best facial paint of Scarlett I've seen now.
With her updo hairstyle, she is perfect to wear the "In the Mist" ensemble. Notice that Leah Di changed the brooch to a more elegant and realistic looking piece of mourning jewelry.

I especially liked what she did with the Blue Portrait Doll to look superb in the "Return to Tara" outfit. Here you will see a different set of shoes used, details on the jewelry and the hat which I believe was added as this was not part of the outfit when bought. There is also an added purse which you will see when you scroll down.

Congratulations Lea Di! I hope you don't mind us sharing your wonderful passion for dolls.

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