Monday, November 7, 2011

Tonner Scarlett "Fire in Atlanta"

It is everything they said it would be: a fiery, passionate gown that befits Scarlett. While the exposure of this night robe is for one sequence in the film, it is also strongly associated with Scarlett. It appears in almost all iconic posters of GWTW where both Rhett and Scarlett look into each other's eyes: he with the passion of a jealous love, she with defiance. Put those two emotions together and it becomes an scene that we never see but it bookmarked by Scarlett's naughty smiling face the next morning.

Tonner did well with this robe. The lace on the sleeves as well as the collar are in scale in detail, and so are the buttons (like sharp 1/4 red beads). The train is sufficient and is not as long as the red velvet creation. It is the velvet that brings the fire into the creation. Soft and thin, it drapes well when the doll stands. The black sash becomes a ribbon at the back and which can be unfastened with a clip. The doll is inserted into the dress with front opening. That black sash also is held by red string on the sides like the grooves into which a belt enters. This sash goes under the velvet at the back (I surmise the cape or what I have come to know as the watteau train (thank you Fran). Also described as a train falling from the shoulder blades to the hemline of the gown 
(source: the fashion glossary of

The doll you see here is the Tonner Curtain dress doll whose hair I have unfurled, twisted upwards  and fastened at the back. The earrings do not come with the doll. I actually forgot to take them off.  I also repainted the arching brow to give it more arch, fixed the lips to have less of a smile...unless of course, Scarlett knows what she's going to get. 


  1. Simply breathtaking!

    I confess when I first learnt that Tonner was releasing this creation I was a bit disappointed as I thought it a bit plain. But wow! Your photographs - I did have to curb the impulse to reach out and touch - because I can almost feel the wonderful velvet. The colour is striking - as always, you have brought out the splendor to the highest gear! MAGNIFICENT!

  2. Thank you xeladc. I was not much an avid fan of this gown in the film, but when I saw pictures of it from ebay and members of the Scarlett group I'm in who got it, I succumbed. The velvet is lighter and the it does reflect good light when photographed. Thank you again for leaving a comment xeladc. Much appreciated!! Have a nice day!!


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