Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tonner Mrs. Charles Hamilton Repaint

I finally got to repaint Mrs. Charles Hamilton. I had to be very careful. Those are large curls and any tug would make them unruly. Hoping one day to send this to the hairstylist Dave recommended. Got also a note that "Fire in Atlanta" outfit has arrived. Eager to see that and photograph too. If you have this doll, you would notice that it has painted on its left hand finger a "ring". Same goes for Tonner's Blue Portrait doll. I like how neatly braided they did the hairstyle of this one. More photos coming soon. When work will allow. I'll make work allow it. Have a nice day!


  1. Just in case, Scarlett needs a bonnet, Peggy Feltrope has a couple of interesting ones at the time of posting. See

  2. Thank you Belladonna! I just checked them out and they are all so beautiful. Very beautiful indeed. I couldn't even stop myself from choosing. I hope the sale went well with your beautiful white gown you referred to me. It is a marvelous creation! Thank you!!! Please do not hesitate to refer new things for me to see.


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