Friday, October 28, 2011

Weekend reprieve

This has been a harrowing week indeed!! My day work calls for the office to prepare for installations in malls for Christmas. Not an easy task at all. So my hats off to all those department store displays for the holidays. Difficult -- is an understatement. Preparing the installations, talking to suppliers, giving details as to color, style...pegs, pegs, pegs; hoping they all know what they're talking about, and troubleshooting. That's commercialism for the holidays. Where are those Silent Nights, right? As the holidays come so do the money-makers. After all it is a season for gifts. My gift always is the moment I shed off that 9 to 6 mode and move towards my workstation to see my Scarlett. Yep, got no life but this. Pathetic? Depends on the degree on how others regard it to be. This my life. My reverie. My escape. My reprieve. My arm still aches from a strain and repainting has become more tedious than usual. Luckily I was able to retouch an old Scarlett in prep for the coming "Fire in Atlanta" (see previous post on thoughts about that). It's a long weekend here as we all prepare for All Soul's Day. But not for me. I have yet to run after an ad that needs to be released and with a deadline, prepare for Saturday dinner with my family for a birthday and try to catch my sanity back till week starts again. Had I relocated elsewhere I would have gotten a job in a doll company LOL. But I am miles away from where all you all are where all the resources of this passion are readily available. Count your blessings. Anyways, I ramble on because there is need to reprieve.

Luckily, the Scarlett you see  gave me something to do. Another portrait. I like the ruffles on the Franklin Mint Barbecue dress. They look pretty close to the real thing. And I think Scarlett is enjoying the change. Her reprieve.

Have a nice weekend!

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