Saturday, October 22, 2011

Never forgotten: Tonner Melanie Wilkes "Sewing Circle"

One principal GWTW character in the Tonner and Franklin Mint line that seems to have been least of priority is Melanie Hamilton-Wilkes. If Scarlett's wardrobe would be luxurious and glamorous of Hollywood standards, Melanie's costumes would be real as the Civil War was to the GWTW story. Her hairstyle never changes in the entire story and we see that her palette has been relegated to dark or pale neutrals. As a doll she isn't that much thrilling versus her sister-in-law's rich possibilities of ostentatious gowns and yet as a doll representing GWTW and beyond that the Civil War she is a perfect symbol of grace and fortitude. A pillar that still stands amidst the wreckage of war. And so when given a choice of OOAK dresses for GWTW dolls, I never forget to think of her.

This OOAK dress is once again by the seamstress whose passion for sewing is very much evident in the reproductions she makes of the costumes. The embroidery on the apron is charming and the pleats on the blouse as well as the poufy sleeves and brooch absolutely reflect the keen taste and craftsmanship that went into the dress. The only change here is the skirt which I have as an extra done locally. I adore the way the draping falls on the doll. As I always say and once again reiterate nothing is more charming in a doll when we see in-scale details. The material of the skirt is a soft knit jersey material almost of spandex type but thicker. In time I will show you other skirts made from the same material.

The doll has likewise been repainted with additional details which one only discovers with practice. The bun in the middle picture has been made bigger via photoshop (I am too scared to unravel the hair and find that I could not put it back together). Well Scarlett? What do you think of your sister-in-law's new portraits?


  1. I am breathless. From the repaint of Meanies angelic face, to the beautiful, and incredibly accurate detail to this gown that is so perfect!! Love it!

    Alex :)

  2. Thank you Alex for your generous words. The seamstress would be extremely happy receiving your comment. It is really a masterpiece when she creates it. I am genuinely happy with her work. Thank you once again!

  3. Oh, Raphael! Oh!

    I don't know about Scarlett, but I love these!

    I've always preferred Melanie's quiet look to Scarlett's flamboyant one, anyway. Pass my compliments on to the seamstress, please, and heap a few upon yourself for a job well done.

    Lovely pictures!

  4. Hi Aunt Lou!
    I will make sure that your compliments reach the seamstress Aunt Lou. I think the blog is evident to the seamstress too. = ) Thank you again for dropping by. = ) Have a wonderful week ahead!


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