Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Experiment in Green

This is a collaboration between a seamstress (who wishes to remain anonymous). She suggested in using the pattern for the final "mourning gown" worn by Scarlett and a top which would use the pattern of the still unproduced "red day dress". We agreed to use green as the color of the dress. The velvet was chosen by the seamstress with 2 colors. The darker color has a pattern that gave the bodice more texture. But the piece de resistance is the hat.

This is patterned after the hat that Scarlett attempted to wear during her first mourning scene. Mammy of course catches her little pet and calls her attention. Those are real feathers on the hat of different colors: red hues, dark with shimmer of green and white/grey/black feather. The bustle is gathered and sewn to give it a pouf. Underneath that was a bustle pillow  (similar to the Final Farewell) I added more cloth to give it a bigger lift.  Below is a medium shot of the bodice and the hat. I forgot to say that the seamstress found a very cute brooch to be placed on top of the bodice. I think Scarlett likes the dress. The train is a trifle long but heck, Scarlett was known for extremes anyhow. This doll is from the Tonner Blue Portrait version.


  1. Oh, thank you for the beauty break! :)

  2. Hi, a Spaniard follower here!. I just love your doll repaints! This dress is awsome, I sew a little bit myself, and I know how hard it is. Thank your for this blog!.

  3. Dear Aunt Lou, Thank you! I hope the break was good for you! =)

  4. Ola Spanish follower! I am glad you love the doll repaints. And you are most welcome too. I'm taking a little break from repainting but hopefully can show you more later on. Bad shoulder pain needs to go away first. So you sew too! Great!!! Please do show me some of your work. I am eager to see fresh new talent. Sewing for dolls follows a different kind of dynamics. It takes a lot of patience and skill. Go follow your passion it will lead you to exciting places and make you meet new people. I am glad you passed by to drop a line. Drop a line anytime and thank you again! = )

  5. She is so stunning!! I'm captivated :)

    Btw, Bette and her gown are almost complete!!! Can't wait to show you :)

    Great job once again
    Alex :)

  6. Alex!!! Please show me what you've come up with. = ) Thank you for the compliment on the green experiment too. Scarlett thanks you for it as well!


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