Friday, October 28, 2011

Bravo Tonner! There is fire in Atlanta!

The iconic red robe that would make it to millions of book covers, posters and memorabilia is once again re-created by Robert Tonner's Gone with the Wind line. The Tonner version is named "Fire in Atlanta" descriptive of the bursting passion of the novels leads. One night of jealousy and denial leads to the consummation of his love for her and her growing realization of the kind of man she may actually need and want in her life. How would one paint this doll? With a smirky smile? With a bland straight-eyed look? Tonner Scarlett surprises us with a new face paint which as one member of the Scarlett Vinyl Group says (may I quote you Paul): "captures the spirit of the scene".
Looking at the face of the doll we see the changes adopted to capture that spirit: The arched raised brow -- a very Vivien/Scarlett signature. Raised high when in deep thought, when facing challenges or simply in an attempt to be alluring; The eyes seem glancing sideways with eyelashes concentrated in the ends, an effect that gives the eyes the much needed slanting shape; highly noticeable is the flesh color under the eyes which soften the look; the lower lashes rendered now in brown and the lips that are painted in just the right places avoiding the lift at the ends which would have given her a smile -- being ready for passion, why not have it close to a pout? The hair falls on the shoulders in a cascade of curls.
Natalia Sidorova's photo of her "Fire in Atlanta"

I was forever wondering how the actual doll would look like as there are often changes from the PR photos and prototypes to the finished product. Luckily I found the photos of one Scarlett collector from the TonnerDirect facebook group. Her name is Natalia Sidorova and she posted lovely pictures of Fire in Atlanta. Her photos confirm it all. Bravo Tonner! This is the best repaint of Tonner Scarlett we've ever had.
I couldn't help fixing the photos and realized there isn't much to fix about this new face. Congratulations Tonner and thank you to Natalia for giving me a go to share her photos here.
(L) Current Fire in Atlanta, (R) with fixed eyes, lips, background

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