Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tonner Scarlett: Vivien Leigh repaint wears an Alana Bennett creation

This is an old repaint --- that once again --- is repainted. The hair has been fixed with rubber bands holding the front curvature and sweep of hair.

The gown is inspired by Edith Head's blue gown worn by Grace Kelly. I thought that this would be a perfect gown for a repainted Vivien Leigh. There are 3 sweeps of white cloth going down the gown: One that sweeps down the chest moving towards her right, the second found on the left side of the skirt (hidden in the photograph), and one that moves from the doll's left shoulder moving towards the back. The cloth is very soft chiffon blows easily with the wind. Then there's a write wrap that one can throw over the shoulder to give an elegant drape. The gown is created by Alana Bennett ( Below you will see the original creation she did for a Franklin Mint Grace Kelly doll -- sumptuous isn't it? Why not have one for Vivien?

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