Monday, September 19, 2011

Taking a Scarlett break: Portraits in Pink -- a first repaint on a 12" doll

I am about to do another repaint and since it isn't Scarlett. Moving from one face to another, at least I'll have a fresh look at the Melanie I'm tasked to do. To take out Scarlett off my mind I decide to take a break and do a fast repaint on a Barbie doll.
This is my first repaint on a 12" doll...and it wasn't an easy one but one does get finished in half the time. I posted her before -- and re-repainted her again now. Here she is in "portraits in pink". Just a few snapshots though. I like this gown by Robert Best. He does make the most polished and classic gowns for dolls. This gown is embellished with cool Swarovski crystals -- of crystal white and pink. The shade of pink is almost like a blush.


  1. Hi Aunt Lou, my ardent well-wisher. Glad you liked her. Do you think I should now do the Mattel Audrey or Scarlett....let's see. I yet have to do Mrs. Charles Hamilton maybe with a new hairstyle to be done by an expert abroad. Heaven help me with the shipping. = ) Have a nice weekend Aunt Lou and thank you for passing by. You are always welcome here. = )

  2. Haven't been around, much, R. I loove Audrey, and she would give you a break from Scarlett, not that you need one. I can only admire, not collect, but I sure enjoy a long look at your beautiful work! :)


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