Friday, August 12, 2011

Tonner Scarlett "In the Mist": Mrs. Butler


  1. What can I say that I have not said? Beautiful! :)

  2. A beautiful outfit in purple; a nice deviation from the original. that really lined in white? I have never noticed that before.

  3. Hi AuntLou! Thank you again, as always, always!

    Hi Dave!
    This is Tonner's "In the Mist". I'm retouching the old repaints with better brushes, helps to practice a little bit too. Yes, my gripe -- lined in white it is and the white thread is there again as you always notice. Tonner's concept from face paint to concept often suffers when it comes to choice of material. They often get criticism for this. I feel its a waste of their talent: Robert's sculpting and the concept and patterns from which these came from. Sigh.


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