Friday, August 19, 2011

Tonner Carol Barrie: Draping Portrait Study

This is the "knit jersey" material that drapes beautifully. It seems to have weight and yet is very light.
 I always like things that are in scale when it comes to 16" figures. 
Another interpretation of the portrait with less changes on the background retaining somehow the blue color.
I also retouched the repaint here by painting more blue on the eyes and outlining it more with a better brush with the color black.
I also blushed the nose line and the eyelids. Lips has also been retouched with a deeper red on top.
My greatest wish for the regular Tonner line are more expressive hands similar to the Tonner Antoinette.
Victorian paintings always had their hands with gestures that were soft and expressive.
The Tonner Carol Barrie eyes are so small -- smaller than the Tyler or Tonner Scarlett eyes (which I think could have been better if slanted).
Tonner Carol Barrie eyes are downcast. The wig here has been cut and styled.
It is secured at the back with a ribbon which is an original from the Tonner "Sensible Notion" outfit.


  1. The doll reminds me of Kate Winslet & Diane Kruger. Tonner made her hands small so she could wear gloves (I think).

  2. My same sentiments about the hands. She also does have that Winslet hair in Titanic (some pics I've seen).


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