Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Scarlett Reverie: My first video of the Scarlett Reverie Portraits

Before you click on the video arrow, please do read this first: I've been toying with iMovie and decided to practice on who else but...Sorry for the cheesy choice of song. I wanted Itzhak Perlman's Gone with the Wind but was wary of copyright issues. This song has been used extensively in youtube. This is a compilation of Scarletts -- selected from my personal favorite photos. Some of these dolls have been re-repainted as time passed, learning new things about repainting (hit and misses still). Why did I choose the song? Because she may not be perfect in the industry of repainting, but she's beautiful in my eyes. And the beauty of it -- for me -- is not so much the doll, but this entire journey of creating and re-creating. It's about what you personally do and pursuing it till it gives birth to something you never intended to have in the first place. It's almost meditative having this little hobby. You come home at the end of the day and you just enjoy it while the rest of the world goes on, yours stops and for a moment you're just there in an imaginary place where the possibilities of play are immense. People tell me, "Oh get a life." I answer always: "to each his own". So, here she is now. Scarlett Reverie Proudly Presents "My Scarlett Reverie". Enjoy the show. You may click now. Thank you!


  1. It's beautiful! I just hope you did not include Melanie,though I rather have Melanie as a friend. I won't lose my man to her :)

  2. Apologies, apologies. Melanie does some cameos in the clip. = )


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