Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Mysterious Woman at the Lyme: Tonner Carol Barrie

The magic of draping of cloth allows the doll to be more real in portraits. Here (I didn't mention this in the previous post where another doll
wears the same hood), the doll wears what the fabric store calls "knit jersey" -- it's almost like lycra without much of the lycra sheen.
I cut it following a hood pattern online and with a string turned it into a cape with hood. The colors of these are rich but I chose
a dark grey color. The doll here wears the Tonner Mrs. Hamilton black dress. Hair has been styled and minimal repainting was done to give
the doll a soft Victorian look. 

You can notice the draping here that flows and falls beautifully and in scale with the doll's dress. The light also reflects well on the material. 
Frame graphics from


  1. What have you done? This is so lovely and it's not even Scarlett! I'm so impressed! :)

  2. Hi AuntLou. She's an old repaint of a Carol Barrie doll. Wanted to maximize her exposure. There are times when I really wish they sold Tonner or had a local seamstress here. I must be frugal about dolls. Thank you for dropping by again AuntLou! It's 9:55 a.m. here and I'm back at the office -- but still a little sleepy. Have a nice day there!

  3. Thanks, Raphael! Mercy, you are talented! :)


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