Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tonner Gone with the Wind dolls: Mrs. Charles Hamilton Repaint

This is a commissioned Scarlett doll repaint using Tonner's Mrs. Charles Hamilton as repaint. The sender sent me the head for this project. I like it that Tonner now uses a fairer skin tone for Scarlett. I noticed the previous ones were darker. For this, I erased the factory paint and repainted. The lips almost have the same shape -- because the new Mrs. Hamilton sculpt has it outlined very well.  Have to send this doll within the week. It's also raining hard here in Manila. Well, I hope she likes this repaint. I seldom do commissions, because scheduling can be quite difficult, but how can one resist one who loves, enjoys and shares the same passion for Scarlett. = )


  1. You just made me really smile with that comment AuntLou. The rains have subsided here so that's an extra smile with your comment too. Thank you very much! Hugs!


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