Friday, July 29, 2011

Sans Photoshop

This is the doll and how it looks, gown and all without the photoshop. She is Tonner's Blue Portrait gown Scarlett and one whose hairstyle
I really, really like. I'm listening to Moon River now (thanks to Dave who posted an Integrity Audrey Hepburn doll video). Can't help but
think this one's my "huckleberry friend" hahaha. She's mostly my companion every weekend and free times after work. But not this weekend. Today, I'm visiting our labrador who stays in another house (got too big for ours) and spend a nice afternoon walk with Sophie.
Have a splendid weekend everyone.


  1. She is soo beautiful!! Love it as always :)

  2. Thank you Alex! I hope you go my email about the project you're working on. How's it going?


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