Monday, May 23, 2011

Tonner Dressed up like Racehorses: A hat for a Summer stroll

Found a Barbie feathered hat that looks quite well with the outfit. The little parasol comes with the Barbie doll too.
But quite hidden, it looks like a small parasol -- to keep that buttermilk whitened skin safe from freckles = ).
Miss Scarlett's winning least from my eyes.  My peg,  Vivien Leigh's photo in Anna Karenina,
and The Doctor's Dilemma.

I've learned my lesson. The thing about being too judgmental is you end up eating your words, and learn to approach dolls with a little more humility. Tonner's "Dressed up like Racehorses" was one such example of hasty judgement passed. When first released I posted my judgement "nobody's racing"...which was somehow true. I think because Franklin Mint had its version of this dress, the collectors were expecting a little more newness in the Tonner GWTW line. It took months before I decided to yield to this one. What I once thought was plain and appearing only a few seconds on screen to merit a must-by-for-Scarlett actually turned out to be an elegant walking dress reminiscent of an sophisticated Godey's fashion spread. Faille silk is unlike Bengaline (the real material after which the Plunkett dress was made). It is softer and has a textured sheen that makes it almost befitting of a Wedding gown. The leaf detail on the pagoda sleeves (see what you learn from reading Civil war dresses) has been deemed of lesser value than its Franklin Mint counterpart. However, It makes the sleeves lighter and less bulky. There is also a generous train at the back which when folded for a photograph makes it fall and drape similarly to elegant ladies in Victorian portraits. The original hat with its veil is my only gripe as it is not in scale with its detail and its (what do you call it?) jewelry attachment which seem like melted candles. Nevertheless, it makes Scarlett every inch the shopping material girl she is when worn and photographed.  The doll here is the Blue Portrait Tonner doll, repainted (thank God for the new brushes and the patience for this). Hope you all like it. I know its late in the game, but I hope this racehorse made it to the finish line!


  1. That's stunning ! And wonderful ! With the new hat, you create your own version of this outfit, and it is awesome. Your repainting of Scarlett is so well done, and it's really her. The hairstyle is much improved too, from what I can see on pictures of the original doll ! Once again, congratulations to a great artist !

  2. Once again, thank you Eric. You never fail to encourage this little hobby of mine. I remember once you showed me the actual photo of this dress. The repainting is because of the brushes you've sent me, the encouragement and the genuine support that comes from a friend from far away. = ) I can't call myself great, but it is a nice thing to hear from one whose artistry is great in my eyes. = ) Hope you got your Mrs. Hamilton. I think she's a great sculpt/face paint too. The curls can be managed. Take care there. So nice to know you dropped by. = )

  3. My word! i'm too iggerent two unnerstan' why, but, once aggin, my thirst for beauty is satified.

  4. Great photos! I really enjoy your blog! Now I will have to get this outfit, it looks so much better than the promo pictures. I need to work harder to get more doll $$. :)


  5. AuntLou! You made me smile with that comment. Thank you once again for passing by and taking time. = ) You are always very generous! = )

    Carol, I understand very much the idea of working harder to get more dolls. This outfit comes separately though, but still we do work hard for every little doll dream we have. Agree too that it looks much better in person when you see it than how it was in the promo pictures. You are not alone with those sentiments. = ) Thank you for taking time to drop by and leaving a comment, Carol. Do show me your dolls when you have time. = ) Thank you once again! Much appreciated!

  6. These have got to be some of your best photos - love them!

  7. Dave of Daveland and MissGeneMarshallandfriends! Thank you! When an painter/artist/travelogue and doll photographer says the photos are good -- it means a lot, lot, lot! Thanks very much Dave! = ) The pink background here has been saturated a little bit more.


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