Tuesday, May 24, 2011

SouthernBelle faux magazine featuring Tonner Dressed up like Racehorses

Here I go again. Playing around.  The blog has been called "hilarious"....and I can't help but agree that somehow the rantings and the imagination can be called such.  So here's another hilarious and amusing attempt at making a Southernbelle faux magazine. Each doll is way more expensive than you think and each one comes with hard-earned saved money to serve the purpose. Each one is a reward. Cheesy it seems to write this way. But it's the truth. And for as long as this blog speaks my truth, it can be hilarious and crazy as it can be.

I've worked in the publishing business for 5 years and there with a creative job. Because of which, I've been made aware of the principles of layout. Hopefully, I am able to apply them here:  blurbs on the cover of a magazine and the posing of the model on the cover  and the number one rule: the cover must be worked out to be a grabber. The biggest blurb should capture the eye of the consumer to lead to a purchase. Eyes facing out, colors kept to a minimum. This is what guides me in making these little GWTW imagined magazines.  While some blurbs here were patterned after a Vogue cover: that where Donald Trump gets a new bride, most of them are patterned after situations and some research on the 1800's world -- only seen thru the eyes of a modern magazine.

Thank you to all who have placed their generous comments and opinions in the blog. Truly each one is appreciated and inspires. I hope this one will delight you too.

PS. Also tried to put an opulent ring on Scarlett's finger there. It's been blurred though. Scarlett is a little shy of its size (smile!)


  1. Oh - what - fun! Your experience shows! :)

  2. Good morning AuntLou! Thank you, I hope it does. Otherwise those years would have been lived in vain. = ) Thanks for passing by and dropping a line as always. = )

  3. I wish this was a real magazine, I would be a charter subscriber!!!! Love your use of the Barbie hat too, it totally works! Also, I have been looking at Tonner's Andromeda, and something in her face reminds me of Ellen o'Hara as portrayed by Barbara O'Neil. Do you see it too? She looks very Victorian to me. LOVE this BLOG!!!! Please continue!!!

  4. Wow citronyella! Thank you for those comments. I immediately checked Tonner's Andromeda and yes she does have the bone structure of Ellen
    O Hara. The cheekbones and the jawline as well as the nose can project that; the eyes are just right to have Mrs. O' Hara's face on it. Interesting that you saw through that. Not many can breakdown those elements to see the possibilities of a sculpt. She has a classic face sculpt too....hmmmmm....I am just wondering about the hair. Oh how I wish I could have more doll dollars. Thank you for loving the blog. It's because of people like you that I persist. Thank you very, very much!

  5. Carol from Dreamcastle has Andromeda without her outfit for $70 US, and she has been known to have sales.... Just sayin', sure would like to see your Ellen. And Alana has made Ellen's black outfit from the GWTW prayer scene before. I dont known what the back of her hair looks like, sorry. I would hope its in some kind of chignon which might work. Search ebay for the Franklin Mint Ellen porcelain doll, she has some great details that could translate over.

  6. Every sane woman in America would buy it :D


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