Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mrs. Hamilton arrives!

Image from ScarlettOnline.com

Tonner's latest Gone with the Wind Scarlett is the scandalous Mrs. Charles Hamilton. The description:

SCARLETT™ tries to stifle her elation at having brought in a royal sum of money from CAPTAIN BUTLER for a dance at the 
bazaar. The recent widow glides across the floor in a voluminous black mourning gown, ample petticoat, pantyhose, faux-leather pumps, short gloves, and veiled hat. 
Vivien Leigh/Scarlett O'Hara™ Head Sculpt and 16" Tyler BW Body; Green Eyes

w/ Brunette Hair and Bloom Skin tone

What attracts the GWTW doll collector here is the mention of a Vivien Leigh/Scarlett O'Hara Head sculpt.
From the press release photos, the doll seems to have a different sculpt and there have been speculations whether it's a new mold, a current mold with a new face paint style. Today, actual photos of the doll have been released in ebay and my personal verdict: Old mold, new face paint style.
Images from ebay seller misspittypat2, selling the doll at $199.00

The lip paint seems is thicker on the upper lip and it seems a thicker eyelid eyeliner was used to create thicker lashes -- it also creates a better Vivien Leigh-ish look to the eye. My opinion is it looks closer to the features of the actress. 

There are also two large curls that frame the top of the head -- unlike the PR photos which have them in loose curls. The back of the head is braided and is tied (seemingly) tight on the head. Here's another photo comparing the new Vivien Leigh face paint with the old Tonner Scarlett face paint. 
Now there are collectors who wish to have just the doll or just the outfit. For that I would recommend Dale Ohl from www.lonestardolls.com. She does arrange for just the outfit, or just the doll. A very pleasant and warm seller too who has helped me in most of my Scarlett purchases.  

If you were to ask me, if I'm getting the item...the answer is, perhaps just the outfit. There are many possibilities for that dress -- to redress another doll. = ) Although I must admit that new Scarlett face paint is mighty tempting too. At this point in time, I'm putting a leash on over-purchasing. = ) Sometimes I wonder where these doll collectors get their budget. 

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