Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor - February 27, 1932 - March 23, 2011

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She is perhaps one of the most phenomenal beauties that has ever graced the silver screen.  Her jet black hair and alluring purple eyes were certainly a sight to behold.
Somehow she is intertwined with Vivien Leigh, replacing Vivien in Elephant walk after Vivien's mental illness could not sustain the shooting of the film. In fact, if you look at some clips in you will find that there are far shots of Vivien still -- unable to reshoot again, they had to do with those sequences. These two could actually have been related by their features.
And perhaps so, Mattel's Elizabeth Taylor doll and Mattel Vivien Leigh as Scarlett are actually one and the same mold.
Both also played Southern Belles: Taylor in "Raintree County" and Vivien, of course as Scarlett and Blanche Dubois.
It was sad to hear news of her passing. Great beauties fade like roses.
This March, a month after her 79th birthday,  Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor finally found a place where her beautiful spirit remains ageless!

May you rest in peace.


  1. You should try doing an Elizabeth Taylor repaint on one of your Tonner Scarletts!! Bet she'd look very cool :)

    PS Love the blog you've got going! I'm a huge Scarlett/Vivien/GWTW/OOAK Doll fan and your site is great!

  2. Thank you very much AlexH. I've been thinking of that too. If Mattel Elizabeth Taylor shared the same sculpt as a Mattel Vivien Leigh, it is not too far fetched that the repaint would work. I'll have to study the Liz Taylor face for a while and perhaps you'd be surprised to find a sculpt of Liz here.

    Thank you for sharing and for making time to place a comment. I'm glad the blog is enjoyed and makes people happy. I wish I could do more OOAK dolls if they weren't so expensive. A doll bought at an average rate would cost thousands in my country. Which is why these are all dreams -- dreams of doing this continuously without stop, with more time and with more budget haha. But I am really glad it touches people in someways. A doll is immortalized by a portrait. It's a tangible thing too that tarnishes and depreciates in time. There are times when I think where or to whom do I leave them. Perhaps to some GWTW society, perhaps bid it out in time. A portrait however immortalizes the doll at its freshest point -- I believe. Thus, I am trying to maximize each doll for what its worth in enjoyment and in imagination. = ) Thanks again AlexH. Have a happy, happy weekend. Much, much appreciated. = )


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