Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A possible sculpt: Tonner Anne Harper as Scarlett

The Anne Harper head sculpt seems to show some promise as a Scarlett sculpt contender. When you look on that nose and the lips (that don't end up in half-smile), you wonder why didn't they use this mold instead. I'm no sculpt expert and since we yet have to see the new Vivien Leigh sculpt that Tonner released with the Mrs. Charles Hamilton doll, I have to conclude that the current Scarlett sculpt makes it hard to imagine Vivien Leigh in it -- unless repainted. 

This however, seems to show a little promise -- if not Vivien, at least a Scarlett that could make Rhett really come back.
So what if we merge both: Anne Harper sculpt with a Scarlett look. 
Well here she is. 
Arched brows, green eyes, heart-shaped hairline, and defiant pout.

What do you think?

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