Friday, September 3, 2010

Don't you just wish...

Tonner 2010 Scarlett Portrait doll
A photoshopped Tonner Scarlett
I was viewing the Tonner 2010 version of the Scarlett Portrait and got some comments about the hairstyle. Yes! The rolls are too way up and the factory paint does no justice to the sculpt. I also think the sculpt could have been more slender, more sleek and more feminine in jawline. I think the nose is too large and the lips too thin for a Scarlett pout. This dress is perhaps one of the most glamorous that the character has worn in the film and yet not seen. I was told it is the same "dove" dress the actress wears during her honeymoon sans doves (which I think is very Galliano). I did some photoshop which is actually much more fun than repainting. Make a mistake and just press Control + Z and its undone. 
You can also choose colors, fix the shading, contour well and yes, come up with a sculpt and face to ones' personal liking. Just playing around on a Friday night.

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