Friday, August 6, 2010

Taking a break from Scarlett: Tonner Antoinette

After a long hiatus another repaint (while studying Oliva de Havilland's face, my attention was drawn to another doll). I was curious about this doll. Not only did it allow for one to practice repainting (as the faceless Antoinette was meant to be for), it also had a very feminine sculpt and body that was model-like, soft and reminiscent of models one sees in fashion magazines. Personally, I really go for soft looks, very feminine simply because they look like women. "Beautiful" always is a classic and reigns beyond time.
In repainting this one, I was inspired by Louis Malle's Pretty Baby of Brooke Shields (in her gentler, softer younger years). But I didn't want to make too much of a Brooke -- although I think the brows here are a giveaway. They are iconic and her personal trademark. I think they set her apart too.

What other things are beautiful about the Tonner Antoinette?
Pose-ability: she poses much better than the Tyler mold although the elbow knob screws outward when moved and you end up with a decapitated arm. Easy to put back though, but I wonder how long it will last.
The face sculpt even without factory paint is classic. The basic oval shape is somehow universal when it comes to models and actresses.
There is a generous length of hair that reaches the hip area or even beyond that. You have a nymph-in-the-making there.

What gives?
She can't borrow clothes from the tyler mold. So, if you've been collecting Tyler clothing, you'll have to collect new ones for her size. I haven't checked if she fits Franklin Mint. I don't have much in my collection.

So here she is now debuting in her first magazine cover. Years in the creative department in a publishing company made me somehow some basic rules: Eyes facing camera, strong blurbs and a bigtime cover shot. I hope I got this one right ; ) This Antoinette has no clothes so I had to borrow from Bella Swan. SPECIAL, SPECIAL THANKS to ERIC CARON whose generosity allowed me to have the right brushes. They really, really make a difference. = ) Merci Eric! If you notice (the pictures do not show them closely), I've repainted the edges where hair meets head. With point 5/0 brushes, one can simulate the little fringes of hair found on the forehead and temples. It frames the head well (very therapeautic too if you're listening to your itunes faves).

Meantime a new Scarlett is on the shelves -- Tonner's version of the Barbeque dress which looks much better than the Press Release photos. I'm still saving up for that. I have to work on Melanie. That girl has been patiently waiting for months for a repaint, so help me heaven. Celebrity repaints on dolls are the hardest if one has had no training in portraiture. I truly admire the work of Noel Cruz, Laurie Leigh, Isabelle, Joo and Yu, and many more, I can't seem to remember them all. Their passion and determination are always an inspiration to me. More of Antoinette in weeks to come.

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