Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Grand Finale! The Fence Dress by Beth Wilder, Louisville, Kentucky

To Beth Wilder of Louisville, KY , I was trying to find you, but could not. 
I hope you don't mind me giving credit to your creation.(featured in the TonnerSpace Newsletter, May 2008)

In the Tonner Newsletter May 2008, where collectors feature their collections as part of Tonner's Philosophy: "The Power of Play", a certain Beth Wilder from Louisville, KY posted a beautiful creation of her own of GWTW's last scene dress. It is never seen on film, however it is the last emotive moment for Vivien Leigh's character to convince us with her beautiful talent and face that Scarlett will get one true love back.  Beth Wilder was able to create a dress with the color similar to the Plunkett drawings. The buttons, the lace on the bodice and the length of it make her creation a wonderful wear for her Tonner doll. 
I know that I found somehow photos of that last scene with Vivien Leigh. I hope that Beth doesn't mind though. I used her dress here and photoshopped (highest gear) to put my repainted Return to Tara Scarlett atop that doll. With little fixes on the dress cuffs, doll hair and dress length (I magine it would have a small busle at the back for an elegant lift), I have a portrait of what could have been if that "lost costume" were found by Tonner. In my opinion, it could be considered as one real "lost costume" from the "lost scene". And that scene must be be lying somewhere waiting to be found too, can you imagine if it were?

"Lost and Found" seems to be the ultimate theme of Gone with the Wind. What she finds as true love is what she loses in the end. But hope keeps her up. And sometimes hope and courage are all we need to rise above any daunting situation. So, to Beth Wilder this Portait is for you. Thank you! I hope Tonner finds your inspiration in your creation and make this lost costume.
"Tomorrow is another day."
Beth Wilder of Louisville, KY's OOAK Fence Dress
(from the TonnerSpace Newsletter May 2008),
photoshopped to have a Tonner repainted Scarlett.

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