Sunday, April 4, 2010

"Tomorrow is another Day"

Easter is always about rising from the darkness, very much like coming out of the mist.  Appropriately, Scarlett O' Hara comes to mind in her last scene where the "misty" backdrop contrasts with the "enlightenment" she finds about her one true love.  The little girl finally grows up. Too late. No, she refuses defeat, chooses to think about it when the wave of emotions are gone. And soon too what is gone can be found, can be secured with a renewed spirit. Happy Easter to one and all! May we all find the spirit to find what is lost, what has left us, what is our source of strength because like Scarlett, as long as we live -- "tomorrow is another day!"


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  2. Thank you so much Dave for your comments! The hairstyle is patterned after the hairstyle pictures of Vivien in this outfit. Four hair rolls around the head tied to the top of the head. The hair is then cut to leave curls on the top and cover the string that secures the rolls. = )


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