Thursday, January 7, 2010

What next Mr. Tonner

For a doll collector, a new year means new dolls to look forward to -- with great trepidation and excitement. For one, it will mean a chunk of ones' budget going to the new collection. Second, the thrill and ooh's and ahh's upon seeing new ideas, new creativity. For me, it means a new Scarlett. God knows only a few of the GWTW dresses have been done so the journey is still long and hopefully easy on the pocket (dresses and dolls separate, please Mr. Tonner).  There are rumors of a new Basic Scarlett. A new factory paint? New hair color? New hairstyle? Part of the excitement is being in the dark. In a few weeks time, we will all be led out of darkness -- the internet will be ablaze with press releases of these dolls,  forums will be adding pages with the discussion on what collectors like, don't like, and savings will be withdrawn. I don't want to be overwhelmed but I know I will, after all dolls are our escape,  our meditation our little joys that make the everyday headlines bearable. So, Mr. Tonner what's next?

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