Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lost and Found: Travelling with Mother to Savannah

When Tonner released the first publicity pictures of this Walter Plunkett "lost costume", not many were smitten.  "Travelling with Mother to Savannah" may have been done for that part wherein the newly-widowed Scarlett (who manages to make people believe that her mourning state of emotions were meant for her dead husband, Charles Hamilton) visits her Aunt Eulalie and Aunt Pauline (Ellen's sisters) in Savannah. One may think that being a wealthy Robilliard may have merited this dress for a visit. But then again, personally, I find the dress inappropriate to the look of the Civil War, and to the age of Scarlett who was then in her teens. I find this costume too adult for the young Scarlett, and too ostentatious. If ever this was made at a time of mourning for Scarlett, it would have been inappropriate by Ellen O' Hara.  Black and no frills was the fashion for mourning women that time, no more, no less.

(Walter Plunkett file from ScarlettOnline.com, a rich resource for GWTW costumes)

So why did I buy it?

I guess it was a tribute to Plunkett who I believe made the most wonderful costumes in Hollywood at that time. I guess I was also curious about how the dress was made, what the material was, and somehow -- regardless if the doll was Scarlett or not, the dress does make an impression -- although a bit too loud and edgy. Also, she was on sale and when not in control the "click to buy" button is the last thing you should really look at.  Lastly, when depression happens they say, stay away from things that can create an impulse.

That said, I still am loving this costume for what it is. The ivy design at the bottom is too large and would have been more elegant if done in an understated elegance sort of way. The doll you see is the Tonner Business Mill doll sans bangs, tucked under the hat.

The doll has an overlay cape -- very Victorian with fringes all around. It is cut in a diamond shape and reaches the back of the doll's full skirt.  Underneath is a full skirt separate from the top. Nope, there is no blouse on on top save for a fully fitted cream bodice attached to the cape. The bodice  which has beautiful studs as buttons is attached to the cape and has sleeves. The sleeves are adorned  with ruffles at the ends and a band of black at the cuffs.  Thus there are two pieces: skirt and cape with attached bodice. The cape is made of soft silky material which easily moves, the fringes give it weight. The real doll is dressed in stockings. The ensemble is completed with a hat accented with soft,  red feathers the color of which is similar to those in "Welcoming Guests with Melanie" gown. The real doll has a braided hair at the back similar to the Tonner Business doll without bangs (but at the moment  has not been repainted). That doll would have been perfect with the Christmas with Ashley dress. It also comes with black pumps -- black versions of the white ones for "Don't Look Back".

Above some photos I managed to take fast before the battery dies. So what's next for Tonner GWTW lost costumes: I am hoping they do the dress supposedly of the  "last take" and never-before-seen scene.
Do I love her? Well, might as well be happy with the decisions you make in life. After all, they aren't anybody else's but yours. = ) Happy doll collecting everyone. There seems to be no remedy for a fever as Scarlett fever.


  1. Stunning photography as always - and excellent write-up!

  2. Thank you Dave! I am honored by your compliment. She wasn't as I had expected, but if she wasn't Scarlett, I think the dress is a stunning creation.


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