Monday, October 26, 2009

UFDC Tonner "Return to Tara" Scarlett Repaint

I've had fever the past few days. Must be the change of weather. What to do? What to do? One look at the Tonner "Return to Tara" doll -- it's time to "return" to repainting. It's been awhile. And I think I need more practice since I've been forgetting the steps. Well, here she is with rolls on her side and a pensive look -- must be the fever.

I was also able to scan a photo of a the scene where she wears the dress. A close shot of the hairstyle shows the bun to be much bigger at the back, whereas the doll has a bun that stops chin-length. I would think it was a hair attachment that Vivien wore during the scene. She had so many hairstyles there, it must have been torture on her hair. In real life, Vivien Leigh had curly shoulder length hair, so I surmise that there must have been a lot of hair extensions and attachments during the filming.

This doll still needs some finishing touches -- or retouches if I find something else that needs to be improved (from how I see it).

To all those posting comments. I've been a hard time replying, sometimes my comments get posted, most of the time, they don't but I do really, really appreciate your comments. Thank you for joining me in this journey into Gone with the Wind.

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