Sunday, October 25, 2009

OOPS! Return to Tara (correction)

Some honest mistake in reporting. Here is a message in the yahoo group that shows what the original "Return to Tara" afternoon dress was really made of. Thank you Nikki. The previous post of Helen pertains to a dress that Scarlett wears in the last scene of GWTW, a scene which was never shown on screen.

Re: [ScarlettOharaVinylPortrait] "Return to Tara"

Hi Helen~
This is a wonderful book to have... and can be rare to find.
Many descriptions are a bit off tho, but all in all a great reference.

This "return to Tara" dress you have listed is the one she wears in the very last scene of the film which we cannot see.
The "Rhett's Promise" dress is listed as "Return to Tara Afternoon Dress", listed on p. 209.
It says it was made of off white faille with green faille trim.

It is was indeed faille, then it was made like the honeymoon/shopping spree dress.
From the photos I have I just cannoot tell.  Perhaps faille with a sheer overlay?

Erratum: I mentioned in the previous post that the Vanity Mirror set and the miniature GWTW book was supposedly made by Tonner. Marcia, NJ of Prego wrote me in Prego and gave me the following information.  Thank you Marcia for this information! = )
FYI - the book and vanity set were not made by Tonner for the doll. They were table gifts provided by the host club of the UFDC event, MetroDolls. The book was made by Laura's Little Loot and the vanity set was made by Facets by Marcia (me). I didn't base the vanity set on anything particular to Scarlet - MetroDolls just thought it went with the general period theme.

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