Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Inspiration Repaint by Accident: Tonner Scarlett in Gene's Love's Ghost

I was told by a member of the Scarlett Vinyl Yahoo Group that this dress is a re-creation of the movie by Gene Tierney -- "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir".

This is not Scarlett, nor is it Vivien Leigh. Having seen the cover "Great Women Masters of Art" by Jordi Vigue, I thought it appropriate to do a portrait doll following the softer features of women found in classical paintings. specifically the painting of "Lady Elizabeth Foster by Angelica Kaufman. This is purely coincidental (or better yet, by "accident"). I had purchased Ashton Drake's Gene Marshall outfit called "Love's Ghost". It was a bargain in joeslist.com; I was not aware however, that the Gene doll has perhaps the smallest waist for a 15" inch doll. It wouldn't fit the Franklin Mint Scarlett -- what more, a Tonner Tyler body.

But first things first.

It is by accident that I tried undoing the bun of a spare Tonner Scarlett "Receiving Guests with Melanie". It was a doll special to me as it was donated by good friend Eric Caron for me to practice on. I realized having undone the bun that the hair there had been cut shorter than those at the sides. You can just imagine the pain of realizing that. Also since I never liked the top hairstyle of simulated curls, I pulled it, unravelling long twisted bangs that didn't look so bad -- if only the hair at the back wasn't cut short and if I didn't test my curiosity and pulled it out. Silly me. But such is my curiosity with things. Life is short, why not just redo the doll with a whole new look. And since I love the Victorian era, might as well do something from that period.

Hair has been tied into a side pony -- only lower. This hides the shortened back well.

It is by accident that I also caught sight of Ms. Vigue's book with the cover of Lady Foster.

And since I had Gene's "Love's Ghost" which resembled the painting, might as well. The top of "Love's Ghost" is the only part of the dress used here; it is tightly held by a sash (Franklin Mint's Christmas with Ashley Sash). The skirt is from Alana Bennet's other creation, the hat is Gene's, tulle is by me.

So here she is. Pardon the photograph. I must learn how to fix the settings in my digicam. I must have touched something there that lessened the pixels.

I ordered at least 4 Gene dresses (this including). They might just go unused considering they don't fit the Tonner doll -- any suggestions?

"Great Women Masters of Art" by Jordi Vigue (image from Amazon)

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  1. I think she is dreamy!! You should post a before pic to get the whole effect.


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