Sunday, April 12, 2009

"A Prayer and a Hope": Tonner Scarlett photoshoot # 2

Just some last few shots before the city resumes its noise. Lent has ended after 4 days of silence, no traffic, and no people walking around.

Here is the Tonner Scarlett which I repainted again. I realized that I've been using diluted acrylic and not retouching it with a last layer of 1:1 acrylic to water. Read in a very helpful hint about diluting the acrylic. Funny that you get bits and pieces about repainting different sources. For the Tara Prayer Dress doll, I chose to have her lips lighter -- pinkish. After all Scarlett was seventeen when she wore this. The eyes here are the hardest --as always. 4 layers of colors from dark green, lime, white and black and (OH!!!) those tiny dots in the eyes to make them look like they capture light. I'm still learning. I yet have to perfect contouring and shading. I wish I lived in the US to access more Tonner dolls. Each one I secure costs almost P8,000 that's because the Philippine Peso is 48 to 1 dollar. Crazy I know. That's I try to save up for each and every one of them -- and just drool over the rest I can't. = ) C'est la Vie!!!

I'm yearning for those Twilight dolls, that Portieres doll is calling too; and not far behind is the "Don't Look Back" doll = ) But priorities, priorities. They have to wait. And I'll have to break back to earn extra for them. That explains why this blog just has repeated dresses and a few dolls.

Well, Happy Easter to those who stumble upon this blog. Have a little "prayer and hope" in your heart and soul always!


  1. I really enjoy your Tonner Scarlett photo shoots!

  2. Thanks Dave! It means a lot that people like it. I actually wish I could do more with other kinds of dolls = ) Thank you for passing by. I do also enjoy your passion for Disney. My first movie was Snow White. And my trip was to Disneyland was a long time ago. And this little blog is my little "Peter Pan" complex =) Glad you enjoyed the photos. = )

  3. Oh my goodness! You do the most incredible work! I'm a huge GWTW fan and your re-paints to make the dolls so lifelike and accurate to Miss Leigh's likeness are stunning. I joined Nikki's GWTW Ball Party and someone had a link to your Blue Portrait gown and I was smitten! I've now become a follower of yours!

    Angelic Accents

  4. Hi Stephanie!
    So sorry for the late reply. I get lucky sometimes in posting a comment. Sometimes it doesn't reflect. This time I'm taking the opportunity while it can. Thank you for following this humble blog. I really didn't think it'd amount to anything. I just want to share. I hope you enjoy it as it goes along...for as long as it can still go and exist. = )


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