Sunday, April 26, 2009

In pursuit of doll repaint lessons: The Other Side

In pursuit of tips and techniques for repainting, trying as much as possible to find a way to understand the craft can be quite tiring. Then again, it can also be an exercise of how far you can go to find the things you need to learn.

Having exhausted - I think - all sites for repainting dolls, I thought perhaps it was time to check out other toys that artists repaint aside from dolls. Here are some sites I'd like to share with those who wish to embark on this journey more seriously than others. The technique and the process may be different, but for lack of comprehensive tutorials, these sites are worth looking into. has a series of tutorials from "painting flesh" and "using color" article. In it you will also find the "blending technique" or blending thru translucency using successive glazes or juices.

You are led to other sites from like It can get very technical but the what you find here are more than that but the "Generosity" with a capital "G" from artists who willingly share their talent with others. A very rare thing in the creative industry, in my opinion. Blending and glazes are very important because these are part of the foundations of a good repaint.

So, if you're interested to check what these can offer you, just click on the sites mentioned in this post.

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