Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Latest Doll Repaint: Tonner Scarlett 0' Hara doll

I will never get tired of Scarlett -- I guess. It's been a relationship I've had for over 20 years (hint, hint of my age). Why should I? The character taught me "gumption" at a time when I needed it most. I guess it was also the fact that she was unyielding in her want to survive, a complete disregard for what she thought was insensible and her foolishness in love. 

This is Tonner's Waiting for Pa Scarlett. I actually prefer this than the brown-haired version they use for the Basic Scarlett as the black hair frames that "magnolia-white skin". Thus, it is more in keeping with the way Margaret Mitchell describes her Scarlett. This time I took more patience in repainting and wish I did the first time I repainted. Although not really that patient. I do keep retouching and retouching. I am conscious (trying to) about the layering of acrylic. My eyesight though gets in the way. It has gotten blurred after spending much time practicing. Wish I had the right solution to take out the factory paint. Wish I had more of the right brushes (oh those 20/0 and 18/0 brushes). Wish I had more patience too. 

Scarlett is photographed here with available light of 9 a.m. using my 10 megapixel phone camera -- that's why it's rather blurry. 

I've been thinking of getting the "portieres" dress, but it is just too expensive! But that Tonner version is really more in keeping with the Plunkett design, save for the tassels. 

Life is short, a voice inside me says. 


  1. This SO catches the look as she's watching Ashley and Melanie out the window at Twelve Oaks...
    Bravo, just amazing. The shading on the nose and everything. The hair is PERFECT!

    I would love to help you if I can send you brushes, ect?? I don't know how all of that works, but I'm willing to try.

  2. Oh Nikki, thank you so much. I am deeply touched by your generosity -- always. I am going to order them thru my sister who lives in Seattle though, so this doll you see may just have a makeover. Thank you once again! Glad you liked the doll. I tried to copy the Vivien Leigh biography book cover by Alexander Walker. What you see is a practice doll. So, she's undergone lots of erasures and repaints. Thank you for your comment about it. I'm glad you liked it. = )

  3. What improvement !! Congratulations... It shows how practising is rewarding... You say this is a practise doll... She is already quite perfect...


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