Saturday, March 28, 2009

"How could he resist?": Photoshoot with Tonner Scarlett O' Hara doll

How could Ashley resist kissing her? Here are photos from a Saturday afternoon shoot with Tonner Scarlett O' Hara wearing the beautiful Franklin Mint's "Christmas with Ashley" dress. For me this is one of the most beautiful dresses made for this doll.

I forgot to mention that this doll was sold to me by a friend from the US who got it in a garage sale. It seemed to have been played with extensively and was in dire need of T.L.C. The vinyl was not very clean and the hair disheveled. Well, a good bath, and a repaint plus good conditioner on the hair rescued this Scarlett. Now she's ready to entice Ashley again. Tsk, tsk bad girl!


  1. Great job and great rescue ! I'm still waiting for my FM doll with this costume... Never deal with Franklin Mint Canada !

  2. OMG Eric! I can't believe you still don't have it. Try calling them.
    Well mine usually takes a month. But I had that bought by a yahoo member from the group. She sent it to me without the box to save on the shipping.

    I'm sending you your package within the week. = )

  3. Thanks you SOO much ! I can't wait to receive the package... My God you are crazy !
    I called 2 weeks ago... They told me it was backordered and that I would have it "next week"... Which means last week... And nothing yet ! I should have done like you... With the discounts offered within USA, it would have been less expensive.


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