Saturday, December 27, 2008

Where is Christmas

Where is it? Lost in all the "rush", the traffic, the need to buy this or else someone may be left out; lost in the year-end targets, the poor using its spirit to justify senseless charity, lost in the rich using the season to alleviate a year of pointless spending by indulging in charity. Where is Christmas? It's carols now blasting in the malls heralding the season of commercialism and retail. Where is Christmas? It's spirit exploited by the politicians to build billboards greeting the public if only to make themselves top-of-mind for the coming elections. Christmas is for kids, they say. But what have we made Christmas mean for them now: a new Playstation, the latest gadgetry, the branded bag, the watch that could feed a hundred families?  

I lost my spirit of Christmas the day my parents broke the magic. Santa didn't exist and therefore expect "no more big gifts." Just like that. They shouldn't have introduced us to the idea of Santa if they would have trampled on the idea years later. And there you were, silent whilst the younger children in your family received their gifts still believing Santa existed. Silly isn't it. It dawned on me that the world was somehow crazy. Or perhaps my parents were the crazy ones. But they're only human. And Christmas and all its legends, tales and magic were a mere creation of men. 

Never trust the tales that men tell. 

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